Just in Case You Were Wondering, Part II

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Lest you think I only pick on my patients...

The other day, I went to clinic, and I was sitting in my clinic room waiting for my patients to show up. The door was open, and I was alone, and I'd eaten a burrito... Let's just say it was a good thing no one walked in on me unexpectedly.

And yes, the patient I referred to earlier was ill, but you know what? Farts are funny. Baby farts are funny, old people farts are funny, my farts are funny, my dog's farts are funny. I didn't laugh at the patient and I didn't embarrass them by saying anything, but the fart itself was still funny to me. Yes, I am about four years old, and feeling slightly bad about my previous post.

But if you don't think farts are funny, don't watch this.