God Bless ICU Nurses

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A person near and dear to me was recently hospitalized and in intensive care. I can say that I personally saw so many things that are RIGHT in our system with regards to this person's care that I guess I can partially understand why some people don't want to make any changes. In particular, I want to sing some praise for the ICU nurses I met. They were all kind, patient, answered all our questions, and took excellent care of our loved one. They all had critical thinking skills and thought quickly on their feet. As awful as the whole experience was, the nursing staff was a shining point, and I will make sure I write to the hospital to say so. The doctors were all fantastic, too, and explained things to all of us, even teaching me a little after I said I was an intern. However, I see what people mean when they say the nurses are their main contact and that they are grateful more to the nurses than the doctors.

So, ICU nurses at XXX Hospital, thank you.